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Leela Morimoto

I'm not a perfectionist... I just like things a very particular way....

I never make anything that I wouldn't be happy to own myself. I am so particular, in fact, that I import my paper from Japan. I coat each paper diamond by hand, and go through multiple stages of quality checks while making each item.

I have been folding Origami for almost 30 years - starting with cranes, houses, and balloons. Over time I became enamored with modular origami and spent all of my free time folding to create every combination of shapes possible. This led to designing a custom shape, now my most popular line of jewelry (I even have a patent pending). Recently, I have been drawn to folding the modules you see here. Instead of making individual 3D shapes, I'm exploring how colors blend together to create a larger unit. 

Dynamic textures, colors, and patterns surround us every day. What better medium to capture this fascination than in paper where options are almost endless! I’ve made blueprints into earrings, art prints into night lights, and even translated origami shapes into 2D silhouettes to cut out of acrylic and bamboo plywood. 

If you have an idea - let's chat! I'd love to make your vision come to life.

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