Rainbow Origami Wall Art

Rainbow Origami Wall Art


We import paper from Japan and often rotate which patterns we use. Your handmade piece may differ slightly from the picture shown but will always be the shape pictured and color you select.

Unique origami wall art with endless color possibilities! Each plywood piece measures 8″x8″, and has a pre-drilled hole in the back with an included dowel to either stand it up, or hang it on the wall. Plywood frames are available in chocolate, gray, honey and redwood.

Decor to delight all tastes: clean lines, modern cuts, bright color, and whimsy. Beautiful hand folded pieces to bring color and modern, Art Deco style to any home.

Made from 30 pieces of paper – you choose 30 different colors, or just 1, and enjoy the subtle woven nature of the paper modules.

Choose a pre-selected color scheme, or send us a message for a custom piece!

Wood Stain:
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